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Our e-conveyancing feature in the Newcastle Herald

August 31, 2019

Porter Veritas Conveyancing was today featured in the Newcastle Herald, the local newspaper of the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley.

It is always humbling to be acknowledged for the work you do and the passion you have doing it. If you didn't read the article in the paper, featured below is the story. You can also download a PDF version at the base of this story.

IT PAYS to go to an expert when you are buying or selling property, someone who is up with the most cost-efficient and timely way to make it all work for you.

Elizabeth Porter of Porter Veritas Conveyancing has had invaluable exposure to conveyancing matters. She has walked in your shoes you could say, first through employment in a real estate agent's office, and secondly she says she received the most invaluable conveyancing and property law experience while she undertook Conveyancing Law.

Today the majority of conveyancing matters are now settled on the e-conveyancing platform known as PEXA. In my practice we have used PEXA over the past two and a half years, and can confirm it has:

  1. Minimised the manual settlement processes (most conveyancing practitioners and financial institutions were required to physically attend an out-of-office settlement appointment prior to e-conveyancing); and
  2. Minimised paperwork associated with property settlements by enabling conveyancing practitioners and financial institutions to transact transparently together on the platform; and
  3. Allowed conveyancing practitioners to lodge documents and complete financial settlements electronically.

Following continued development and management, PEXA is providing both conveyancing practitioners and financial institutions with confidence in that e-conveyancing is reducing the risk of errors and settlement delays.

"Our clients, both vendors and purchasers, have provided feedback that they appreciate the continued communication we provide during the settlement process, which ultimately provides greater certainty of a successful settlement."

PEXA also processes payments as cleared funds. This means that stamp duty is paid on the day of settlement (in most cases), conveyancing practitioner's costs and disbursements are paid on the day of settlement, so too are funds being directed to a discharging financial institution and to a vendor who is profiting from the sale - so there are no bank cheque organisation requirements or bank cheque clearance times burden.

"PEXA's purpose and its function aligns with our business' ethos in that it too provides a truthful, ethical, respectful and professional service facilitating communication between all parties in a transaction with one common goal - a successful property settlement."
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Elizabeth Porter JP
Proprietor / Licensed Conveyancer

Elizabeth takes pride in her understanding of Conveyancing Law whilst practicing and believing that it is paramount to provide a truthful, ethical, respectful and professional service equally to her clients and colleagues.

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